Maria Kokunova (b.1983, Armavir, Russia), independent photographer, visual artist, participant of the Attention Hub!

Lives and works in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

     The problem of personality and the mechanism of subject constitution are the main themes laying in the sphere of her interests. In her works she focuses on the process of self-reflection and searches for visual metaphors to be used for examining her life in order to translate the emotional and psychological state into some visual form. Instead of forcing herself into a formal framework, she uses various visual modes and employs a greater variety of photographic techniques and styles to create a complete visual image.


2020 - Sony World Photography Awards Professional competition's Discovery category - finalist;

2020 - Shortlist for 'Sacred. The Expirience of beyond’ by Urbanautica;

2019 - New Talents, PEP, Berline, Germany;

2019 - Bird in Flight Prize '19 shortlist for the special nomination  Editor`s choice;

2018 - Selected author of “ULTRA // UNPRECEDENTED CHRONICLES”, Sedici, Prato, Italy;

2017 - Nominee of PhotogrVphy Grant in Conceptual category;

2014 - Nominee of MIFA (Moscow International Foto Awards);

2014 - Historical Museum of Moscow and the Union of Photo Artists of Russia, Moscow;

2014 - Photofestival PFF, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.


01/2020 Yogurt Magazine;

11/2019 PEP;

31/10/2019 PHROOM;

09/09/2019 AINT-BAD;

07/2019 Bird in Flight; 

07/2019 L'Oeil de la Photographie;

07/2019 Republic;

28/06/2019 Dodho;

05/2019 Humble Arts Foundation;

05/2019 FK Magazine;

03/2019 Float Photo Magazine;

25/12/2018 C-Type;



10/17-11/17 F-STOP MAGAZINE/Issue#88;

12/2017 Der Greif;

11/2017 Bird In Flight;

11/2017 Don’t Take Pictures;

11/2017 Dodho Magazine;

10/2017 The Lucky Jotter;

10/17-11/17 F-STOP MAGAZINE/Issue#85;

7/08/2017 Phosmag;

25/06/2017 Don’t Take Pictures;

21/06/2017 PRIVATE photography & writing;

12/2014 Foto&Video.


Solo shows:

2015 - Fotofestival PFF, Saint-Petersburg, Russia;

2014 - Art centre Borey, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Group Shows:

2019 - NEW TALENTS, Tete, Berlin, Germany;

2019 - PRESENCEFESTIVAL, Sevcableport, Saint-Petersburg;

2019 - PHOTOBOOKZINEPRINTPRESSFEST, Bertholdt Centre, Saint-Petersburg;

2019 - An Other Person Diary, WALL-ONLINE;

2018 - Volumes Edition 2018 at Kunsthalle Zürich;

2018 - “ULTRA // UNPRECEDENTED CHRONICLES”, Sedici, Prato, Italy;

2017 - The Feeling of Home, "Avent Inn Nevsky", Saint-Petersburg, Russia;

2016 - Stendhal Syndrome, Photo Loft Mayak, Saint-Petersburg, Russia;

2014 - Photofestival PFF, Saint-Petersburg, Russia;


2014 - group show in The State Historical Museum of Moscow (The Union of Photo Artists of Russia).


2020 - The Rodchenko Art School, Moscow, Russia;

2019 - A personal course Intellect or Susceptibility by Ekaterina Vasilyeva, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2019 - Educational program with Nadezhda Sheremetova Photography and new niches, Foundation FotoDepartament, Saint-Petersburg, Russia;

2018-2019 - A personal course The Diary of the Other by Ekaterina Vasilyeva;

2017 - 2018 - Educational program with Nadezhda Sheremetova "Overcoming photography", Foundation FotoDepartament, Saint-Petersburg, Russia;

2017 - 2018 - A personal course The Autobiography of the City by Ekaterina Vasilyeva, Saint-Petersburg, Russia;
2017 - A personal course The Feeling of Home by Ekaterina Vasilyeva, Photo School St. Petersburg photographer, Saint-Petersburg, Russia;
2017 - Workshops, Foundation FotoDepartament, Saint-Petersburg, Russia;
2016 - A course of lectures by Ekaterina Vasilyeva Photography as art. Genres of photography from the point of view of the 21st century, the "Art of PhotoGallery", Saint-Petersburg, Russia;
2015 – 2016 - "Fotokunst" – Nadja Kuznetsova`s photo school, Saint-Petersburg, Russia;
2014 - 2016 - A personal course of Dmitry Konradt, Saint-Petersburg, Russia;
2013 - 2015 - Educational Foundation St Petersburg photographic workshops, Saint-Petersburg, Russia;
2005 - Pyatigorsk State Linguistic University, Pyatigorsk, Russia.