Newspaper OBJECT № 4


An anthology of photographic works inspired by the magazine ВЕЩЬ (1922 № 1-2, № 3)  

Idea author, curator, and designer Ekaterina Vasilyeva 


“We called our review ‘Thing’, because for us art is the creation of new things… Any organized work — a house, a poem, or a painting — is an expedient thing that does not take people away from life but helps to organize it… Quit declaring or refuting — just do things”.  El Lissitzky and Ilya Ehrenburg

Dummy — August 2020

Size: 30 см x 42 см
28 pages
Languages: English or Russian  

OBJECT № 4 Collective:

Yulia Pavlova, Alexander Tatarenko, Olga Kardashova, Vasilisa Moiseeva, Xenia Fedorova, Lena Altshul, Anna Nazarova, Elena Govorenkova, Alla Konstantinova, Maria Kokunova, Yuriy Pavlov